abantu+ at re:publica Accra

abantu+ at re:publica Accra

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We are proud to announce being an official partner to re:publica Accra !! Supporting such impactful initiative signifies a strong start for us and we are excited to contribute to the making of an event full of information, curiosity, foresight, network and opportunity. To get the best out of the festival we have gathered some information for you we thought helpful. Get ready for re:publica !!

About re:publica Accra

re:publica addresses all the ways digitalization is changing societies, from its impact on politics, media, social services, to the ways its changing arts, culture, business and science. It is about content that critically reflects on the challenges and opportunities brought by digital transformation. At the core of the conference is the question how can we all contribute to shaping the digital future we want? How can we work towards a free and open Internet that enables free and democratic societies?

Determined to celebrate Africa’s rising Tech and Innovation scene as it deserves re:publica is coming to Ghana’s Fair Grounds on December 14-15.

About the Creator Studio

In addition to the stage programme, re:publica Accra is going to have four themed lounges designed for meetups, networking and exchange. abantu+ is hosting the creator studio lounge !

Come create, record and learn at the creator studio! The creator studio lounge is a pop-up digital creation studio hosted by abantu+. Its pop-up recording studio gives a home to forward music creation incorporating digital and analogue techniques as well as a mix of traditional and innovative approaches. You are invited to experiment with podcasting equipment, meet experts from different creative industries like publishing and broadcasting and learn about different technologies to support your creative work.

About the Program

Make use of re:publica’s nicely done search engine allowing you to easily find and most importantly not miss what is of interest to you. Discussing Politics&Society, Science&Education, Business&Innovation, Arts&Culture as well as Media&Journalism.

Come see us at the creator studio
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Living Room Concert

Living Room Concert