The Philosophy

The word originates from Kirundi - a language spoken in the East African country Burundi.
It means humans.

Living in a world as restless as ours - be it because of politics, activism, racism, neo colonialism, poverty, loss of identity - it is as if we need a reminder that we are humans first. The idea being if we remember to cater to our personal well-being individually it would logically accumulate to a healthier collective of humans. A more sane society. A brighter world.


The plus indicates the special something each individual contributes to the equation, causing it to add up to something it otherwise could not amount to. Appreciating the value of both collectiveness and individuality. Acknowledging one could not exist without the other. Encouraging to heal oneself in order to heal us all and vice versa.

i am because we are

Music is our way of living and sharing that philosophy.
For music is life and life is music.
For it needs no explaining nor truly understanding it.
For we seek to be the change we want to see.